Funding & Financing

The development of investment strategies for each island is a key phase of the project and follows on from the community-led prioritisation activities detailed in the six island Climate Action Plans. The Investment Strategies will detail how best to leverage and utilise funding from a range of different sources including private investment and existing public funding at local, regional and national level, as well as identifying opportunities for public-private partnership working. 

Types of Financing

There are three main types of financing available to community-led projects: grants, equity financing and debt financing, all of which have different impacts on ownership and the level of control an organisation has over project activities. The most appropriate finance option will depend on the type of project and the stage of development and may involve a combination of all three over the course of the project lifecycle. 

More information about funding types can be found here: 

Applying for funding/finance

There are many websites which are maintained regularly and provide up to date lists of current funds and how to access them: 

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