Project planning

In the context of CNI, a project will aim to develop, deliver or operate a facility or initiative in the community. It will serve to implement the Community Climate Action Plan.  

For any significant project, action or intervention there are a series of activities and tasks which need which have different requirements and characteristics. 


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Broad timescales should be assigned where possible. With this and the main elements of the project action plan, it is possible to progress and identify potential resources. Additionally, it allows you to identify people you may need to work with, or influence.  

Alongside this timeline, for all but the most minor activities, most of these stages usually require simultaneous action and planning across several parallel workstreams. Typically, these can be described as:   

It is also good to recognise these parallel workstreams and plan for how you manage this simultaneous working and how they can be inter-dependent, with each often interacting with and sometimes being dependent on or rate-limiting other actions. 

Top tips for Project Planning:


For a further resource on project planning please see: 

Resources: Planning and Designing Your Project | DTAS Community Ownership Support Service  or get in touch with Community Energy Scotland