Project Partners

Carbon Neutral Islands work closely with our key project partners: 

Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE)  

HIE are supporting the development of investment strategies and taking the Community Climate Action Plans forward. 

Highlands and Islands Enterprise – Cyber Scotland

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network (SCCAN)  

SCCAN provide a range of training to CNI Community Development Officers (CDOs) and representatives from steering groups and anchor organisations to equip them with the skills and confidence to deliver effective engagement events in the island communities. SCCAN continue to help with community engagement and facilitation.  

Scottish Communities Climate Action Network & Transition Scotland Hub

Scottish Islands Federation (SIF)  

SIF is working in close collaboration with CES to help share the good practices and learnings from the CNI project. SIF is involved in three key ways: 

1) To help identify climate actors on the remaining 87 islands through the development of a Carbon Neutral Islands Network; 

2) To collate good practices towards decarbonisation from other islands and share them through the islands network; 

3) To support the establishment of the CNI External Advisory Group. 

The Scottish Islands Federation


Sniffer have led on work relating to climate resilience and adaptation, including support to prepare climate and coastal change assessments, and working with live scribes to create visualisations of island specific issues. Sniffer is continuing to support the islands to integrate climate adaptation into their action plans and projects as they move forward. 

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Youth Scotland  

The Young Islanders Network is engaging with primary schools, local youth clubs, and secondary schools across the CNI communities. Youth Scotland continues to develop resources, engagement opportunities and network links. 

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